TMJ Treatment In Katy, TX

The Temporo Mandibular Joint, or TMJ is where your jaw and your skull intersect and allow you to move your mouth. However, several issues are associated with this joint. Several things can occur that may cause pain in this area and thus impair multiple processes, including talking, eating, and several other issues. Having a dentist that understands the various issues associated with the TMJ joint will ensure that when you are getting dental care, you will have this joint taken care of. At Ultra White Dental in Kety, TX, we understand all of the different things that can go on with the TMJ joint, so if you are experiencing pain in this area, visit Ultra White Dental to address these issues and minimize your pain.

What are the Different Symptoms of TMJ Problems?

Several different symptoms can be associated with TMJ problems. When you have these issues, you may want to make an appointment with the dentist because many times we can help you get past the pain. Here are the symptoms:

  • Headache/neck pain
  • Pain in and around ears
  • Tenderness and other problems with the jaw
  • Pain when biting, chewing, and yawning
  • Clicking and popping noises when opening the mouth and chewing
  • No dental problems yet sensitive teeth

When looking at these different symptoms, it is important to know what has the ability to cause these problems.

What Are Conditions That Cause TMJ Pain?

Three issues are the cause of the majority of TMJ pain. The first is a jaw injury, which can be alleviated with time and treatment. The other issues are arthritis, which will never go away but can be addressed with anti-inflammatories. Anti-inflammatories will help keep the pain somewhat at bay. The last condition is a misaligned bite. At Ultra White Dental, we can take several steps to fix this, including utilizing a bite plate.

Getting to the bottom of your TMJ pain is something we can do at Ultra White Dental in Kety, TX. Give us a call to learn more.