Dental Implants In Katy, TX

At Ultra White Dental, we make use of the best materials and the latest advanced dental techniques to keep your smile healthy and beautiful. Dental implants can be a way to replace teeth that are missing in the mouth – anywhere from a single tooth to an entire arch. Your dentist can make sure that your smile is restored with a prosthetic that looks natural and stays secure in the mouth. Let’s take a moment to get into how dental implants can be beneficial to your smile and how they are installed.

Dental Implant Installation

Dental implants are installed during a process known as dental implantation. Your dentist will make sure that you are comfortable and relaxed, numbing the area that will be worked on and providing sedation if it is needed. A post will be inserted into the jawbone, where it will be allowed to heal for several months. During this time, you will need to follow your dentist’s aftercare instructions carefully to keep the gums clean and healthy.

Once the jawbone has fully healed, you will need to return to your dentist to get a prosthetic tooth or appliance attached to the post. It may take some time to get used to implants, but once you do, they will feel just like your natural teeth. You can continue your regular oral hygiene routine, making slight adjustments as recommended by your dentist.

Dental Implants Near You

Your smile is important, so you shouldn’t hesitate to visit a dentist and get your teeth restored. If you have a missing tooth, you can visit a dentist near you for implants that keep your teeth beautiful, strong, and healthy.

If you would like to restore the beauty of your smile and keep your jawbone healthy when teeth have been lost or removed, speak to a dental professional at Ultra White Dental to discuss options for your smile. Dental implants can last for several decades with proper care, so be sure to see your dentist often and schedule an appointment with a dental expert at Ultra White Dental today.