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Sedation Dentistry In Katy, TX


One of the biggest reasons that people do not come to the dentist office until it is too late is because they have a deep phobia of dental treatment. There is a thought that the pain will be too much, so they find ways around the problems. Unfortunately, at some point, the problems become overbearing, and the issues that these new patients have developed could have been prevented with proper dental care.

At Ultra White Dental in Kety, TX, we understand that for some, visiting the dentist can be an overwhelming experience. Dental phobia is real and profound, and our practice strives to help patients get around their phobia so that they can receive the treatment they need.

At Ultra White Dental, we offer sedation dentistry. Thanks to sedation dentistry, even patients with a massive phobia of the dentist can get the treatment they need.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is when a patient is given a sedative. While the patient is sedated, the dental work will commence. While patients are sedated, they will not feel a thing. After each of our patients awake from sedation, they may feel soreness. However, during the procedure, the patient is out much like they would be during a procedure under general anesthesia.

Who are Good Candidates for Sedation Dentistry?

The best candidates for sedation dentistry are people with a history of dental phobia or those who have a lot of dental problems that require reparations. Sedation dentistry is great because it allows the dentist to work without having to worry about managing your state of mind while they are fixing your teeth. The good thing for patients is that they will not feel a thing besides some soreness after their procedure. This allows patients with a dental phobia the ease of getting over the phobia without having to confront it directly.

Getting the treatment you need is available through sedation dentistry at Ultra White Dental in Kety, TX. Give us a call today to learn more.