Fluoride Treatment In Katy, TX


There are a lot of different advancements that have developed throughout the years in dentistry, but perhaps there is no advancement that has been more positive for the health of people’s teeth than the emphasis on fluoride treatments. Fluoride treatments are now a standard part of dental cleanings for patients of all ages, and there are a ton of reasons why they have become an integral part of dentist appointments. Getting a fluoride treatment is pretty easy, even in your own home – countless types of toothpaste are now infused with fluoride, and your tap water has fluoride as well. This is why the teeth are healthier today than they were in the past. At Ultra White Dental in Katy, TX, we take pride in giving our patients fluoride treatments each time they visit.

What are the Benefits of Fluoride Treatment?

The benefits of fluoride and fluoride treatment come from how fluoride interacts with your actual teeth. It was proven in the middle of the last century that fluoride actually strengthens your teeth. This means your teeth will repel the elements that can cause them harm, and if those elements somehow get to your teeth, then it is that much easier for the teeth to stand tall as bacteria and particulates cause them problems. One of the best defenses to keep your teeth strong and free from decay is fluoride treatments.

How Do Fluoride Treatments Work?

During fluoride treatment, your dentist will put the fluoride in a tray for your bottom and top teeth. Your teeth will then soak in these trays for five minutes. During the treatment, suction will be used so that the fluoride does not go down your throat. Once the treatment is done, the fluoride trays will be thrown out.

Fluoride treatments take place at the very end of an exam and cleaning. This is due to your teeth being at their healthiest as the debris that once lived on your teeth has been removed. Getting fluoride treatments at Ultra White Dental in Katy, TX, is quite easy, give us a call to learn more.