Extractions In Katy, TX

Many procedures are involved in saving teeth. However, in some cases, a problematic tooth may have to be removed to keep your entire mouth healthy. This is something that many dentists will try to avoid if possible. At Ultra White Dental in Katy, we understand that extractions are something that should be done as a last resort. We make it a priority to exhaust every remedy before recommending an extraction.

What Are Some Reasons for Extractions?

There are several reasons why a tooth may need to be removed. If a tooth has a lot of decay and has been repaired with a filling, root canal or crown, the tooth’s structure could be so weak that it causes the gum to become infected. These infections could result in periodontal disease, which is much more problematic than an empty space due to extraction. Other reasons that a tooth may need to be removed is trauma. If the tooth is broken and is unable to be repaired by a dentist, the next step would be to remove the tooth and eventually install a prosthetic in its place.

How are Extractions Performed?

When an extraction is recommended, the dentist will numb the area surrounding the tooth, or give you laughing gas, or an oral conscious sedative. If the tooth can easily be removed, it will be pulled out gently. Sometimes, to make it easy, the dentist will drill the tooth in half and remove the halves. Afterward, you’ll bite down on gauze to get the socket to clot.

Dental extractions are something that we take very seriously and try to avoid at all costs. If you have a tooth bothering you, call us at Ultra White Dental in Katy today.