Retainers In Katy, TX


Retainers are often the last step in orthodontic treatment plans. Once braces or clear aligners have been removed from your teeth, they may shift and try to go back to the position they were in before treatment. Our retainers at Ultra White Dental maintain your teeth and have several benefits, such as keeping your teeth clean and reducing the risk of health problems and dental issues.

Get Rid of Bacteria

When your teeth are straight, they are much easier to get clean when brushing and flossing. This means that your teeth will have less plaque on them, and your tooth decay will be reduced. Straighter teeth also allow patients to chew their food better, which enables the body to absorb more nutrients and increase saliva production in the mouth.

Manage Diabetes

When retainers are worn correctly by patients, their teeth will remain in the position that they were meant to be in. This lowers the risk of having poor oral health as well as poor overall health. According to many studies, having poor dental health can cause an increase in symptoms of diabetes. This makes retainers an essential tool for patients managing their diabetes and other health conditions, so be sure to brush and floss each day.

Improve Breathing

One advantage that many patients may not be aware of is that retainers can significantly improve breathing. There are many different types of retainers available, and some of these can be used to straighten the teeth while others are designed specifically for managing snoring and keeping the airways open while sleeping.

Correct Speech Issues

Some patients may use retainers to help improve speech impediments and other problems with speaking. Retainers may be used to adjust the position of the tongue, enabling children to form the correct sounds when speaking as they continue to grow and enhance their vocabulary.

It takes time to get used to wearing a retainer, but once you’re comfortable with your routine, it will become second nature. If you have any questions about your teeth and how a retainer may benefit your smile and oral health, contact Ultra White Dental to schedule an appointment and get in touch with a dental representative.