Mouth Guards / Night Guards In Katy, TX

Mouth Guards

A mouthguard is essential in keeping your teeth protected in several instances. Ultra White Dental aims to keep patients from damaging their teeth. Providing mouth guards is just one of the ways that we do this. Mouth guards are recommended for various reasons, and there are several types available. Let’s look at some of them below.

Sports Guards

If you participate in sports of any kind, a mouthguard is essential. Even if the sport is not a contact sport, it is important to keep your teeth protected from impact and shock that could lead to injuries. A sports guard can be found in stores, but your dentist can create one fitted precisely for your teeth. Sports guards form a protective barrier between your upper arch and bottom arch, so you can play sports safely and keep your teeth safe.

Night Guards

While sleeping, the teeth should be resting comfortably within the mouth. There are, however, many patients that have oral problems, causing their teeth to clench together or even move in a back and forth motion as they sleep. This is known as teeth grinding. Grinding and clenching your teeth are dangerous habits, as the enamel can be damaged or worn down, causing oral health problems and sensitivity. Night guards keep teeth from coming together and causing harm in the middle of a night’s rest.

Snore Guards

If you or someone you love snores, then a snore guard could be beneficial. These mouth guards adjust the throat, keeping the airways open while you rest, which reduces snoring. If your snoring is severe, this may be an indicator of sleep apnea, which can cause health problems and interfere with your career and relationships. If you’re tired of snoring and feeling as though you haven’t gotten enough rest, contact your dental professional in Katy for more information about snore guards.

Ultra White Dental is simply a call away – you can schedule an appointment easily by speaking with one of our representatives either over the phone or in the office. We can answer any questions that you may have about mouthguards for you or a family member. If you would like more insight into your oral health and the benefits of mouthguards, contact our dental clinic today.