Gingivectomies In Katy, TX


There are many different periodontal treatments that help patients avoid periodontal disease. Whether it is to prevent periodontal disease or deal with it after it happens, one of the procedures that your dentist will perform is a gingivectomy. Gingiva – or gum tissue – is an essential part of the mouth. Gum tissue keeps the tooth healthy and in place while protecting it from outside elements that can cause damage. At Ultra White Dental in Katy, TX, we are always ready to help our patients achieve optimal periodontal health, and oftentimes, that means doing gingivectomies.

What is the Purpose Behind the Gingivectomy?

A gingivectomy is meant to give the dentist access to a problematic area of the tooth that is underneath the gum line. This is often the last resort because saving gum tissue is something that all dentists strive to do. The more gum tissue you have, the better served your teeth are by the gum tissue. That being said, if there is a lot of plaque and debris that is difficult to remove, then the goal is to get to those elements so that other gum tissue can be saved. Often, a gingivectomy is done because there is inflamed tissue that can become very problematic, and this procedure will eliminate the problem.

How is the Gingivectomy Performed?

There are a few ways to do a Gingivectomy. The first is with old-school methods such as surgery with a scalpel. Another way to do this is with a laser. Dentists prefer the laser because it is a lot more precise than a scalpel. Dentists can manipulate the laser in tighter areas, and removing the tissue is very simple. What will happen is the dentist will numb the area, and once your mouth is adequately numb, the surgery will commence. It is a rapid surgery most of the time, and afterward, your teeth will benefit greatly.

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